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What is a Good LSAT Score For Top Law Schools?

What is a good LSAT rating?

While this query will get asked all the time, there is no goal answer. Yes, everybody needs to get a stellar rating. A 99th percentile rating on the LSAT is about a 172, which means should you get a 172 then 99 % of the check takers didn’t score as well as you. That’s clearly a superb score. Nevertheless, regardless of that incontrovertible fact that most people put in a respectable effort to prep for the examination, just one% of check takers are going to hit that or above annually.

A great LSAT rating can open up a entire world of alternatives for you. I acquired a 177 on the LSAT, which changed the complete trajectory of my life. By no means underestimate the influence that a few additional factors on the LSAT can make!

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Luckily, you don’t want an LSAT score in the 170s to realize wonderful outcomes both in regulation faculty and your career afterward. A great LSAT score is one that may assist get you into to a faculty that gives strong job prospects at a suitable worth.

153 would mean you bought about half of the questions proper. A 170 or higher often requires getting all but 10-12 questions proper. Opposite to in style belief, the check isn’t curved.

A 160 or higher is a good rating that is going to get you into a lot of regulation faculties. Anything over a 168 or so, paired with a respectable GPA, may offer you a shot at going to the nations most elite faculties, people who carry a robust national status similar to Cornell, University of Chicago, Harvard, and the like. A 175 or higher will probably be a very robust LSAT at any faculty, even at Yale (far and away probably the most troublesome regulation faculty to get into).

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Whether an LSAT score is ok for the top regulation faculties additionally depends upon your GPA. Your GPA matters as a result of the lower it is, the higher your LSAT might have to be to have robust probabilities of moving into your required faculty.

Ideally, you need both your LSAT and GPA to each fall inside the 25th-75th percentile ranges for a faculty to be thought-about a aggressive applicant. Being above each LSAT and GPA medians makes you a very aggressive applicant. You measure this by wanting on the faculty’s numbers for whatever class enrolled most lately.

Nevertheless, the LSAT is incredibly essential to the regulation faculty admissions course of. Although estimates range a little, the consensus is that about 75% of whether or not you get into X regulation faculty is determined by your LSAT rating alone. Thus, to a giant extent anyway, a excessive LSAT can typically override a somewhat sub-par GPA. For more particulars on that, see our publish on getting accepted with a low GPA.

This article covers the LSAT scores it’s worthwhile to get into the highest 14 regulation faculties. The highest 14 is an off-the-cuff category of faculties that have all the time sat atop the US Information and World Report rankings since they began within the nineties. These faculties are all dominant in their regional market and luxuriate in a strong nationwide popularity as nicely, which means graduates are readily employable anyplace within the country.

We may also talk about how assured you may be about getting scholarship money with certain scores.

What is a Good LSAT Score for the Top Six Law Faculties?

What is a good LSAT score for stepping into the top 6 (T6) regulation faculties in the nation (UChicago, Columbia, NYU, and the holy trinity of Harvard, Yale, and Stanford)?

I’m going to suggest a new identify for the T6: “170 Land.”

If you wish to get into a T6 regulation faculty, you could purpose for a 170+ LSAT score to really feel assured about getting accepted to a T6 regulation faculty. Although UChicago, Stanford, Columbia, and NYU all have 25th percentile LSAT scores slightly below 170, nearly all of students at T6 regulation faculties obtained in with a 170 or higher.

Nevertheless, widespread wisdom is that no LSAT score & GPA combo ensures a mere mortal admission to Yale, Stanford, or, to a barely lesser extent, Harvard. This is why these faculties are referred to as “black boxes”: they have a tendency to have a surplus of candidates with great LSAT and GPA numbers, so they need to differentiate between them on some other foundation.

An awesome LSAT rating and GPA are needed, but not enough, to ensure admission at Harvard/Yale/Stanford (HYS). A candidate’s delicate elements, comparable to work and life expertise, assume a larger position in making these “tie-breaker” selections. Evaluating tender elements is, in fact, rather more subjective than comparing LSAT and GPA numbers, which makes admissions selections at these faculties much more durable to foretell.
There has in all probability never been a better time to get into prime regulation faculties.

Simply put, you need nice numbers, however which may not be enough.

Columbia and UChicago are also somewhat “black-boxy” as nicely, although not almost as a lot as the highest 3 faculties, and NYU is generally seen as being substantially less of a black box than the rest of the T6 faculties.

It also needs to be noted that with the variety of candidates falling in the previous few years, admissions has develop into a bit more predictable, even at these very prime faculties. That is because they now have less of a surplus of scholars with the numbers they need. For you, meaning there has in all probability by no means been a better time to get into these faculties.

Placing aside the difficulty of unpredictability, let’s look purely at the numbers for the T6:

75th Percentile LSAT Score 25th Percentile LSAT Score
Yale 175 170
Harvard 175 170
Stanford 173 168
Columbia 173 169
UChicago 172 166
NYU 170 166

To go deeper into these numbers, we’ll take a snapshot of my Alma Mater, The College of Chicago. Despite the fact that UChicago’s 25th percentile LSAT score seems to be somewhat low (166), understand that nearly all of the class had a minimum of a 170 LSAT rating. A lot of the profitable candidates with LSAT scores in the 166-169 range have been possible high GPAers as properly. There may additionally be some early choice admits or early-cycle candidates with robust gentle elements thrown in there too.

Generally, students with LSATs on this 167-169 vary tend to simply accept gives from T6 faculties at a very excessive price in contrast with their 170+ friends (who typically get several provides from faculties within the T6). Subsequently, faculties have to admit far fewer college students general in this lower range.

So if we take a take a look at LawSchoolNumbers for LSAT scores it took to get into UChicago, the image for sub-170 applicants is somewhat bleak. The newest graph displaying applicant scores (based mostly on user-submitted knowledge) exhibits no admitted students with GPA under 3.6. I give this for instance to elucidate why the T6 is justly dubbed ‘170 Land.’

Provided that a 170 places you in the 97th percentile of all LSAT takers, it’s straightforward to see why the T6 faculties are hallowed ground.

On the very prime of the pack, we have now Yale and Harvard, which have 25th percentile LSAT scores right on the 170 mark. Rely on having a robust time stepping into these faculties without a excessive GPA (Three.75+) and LSAT above 170. Only with a 175 or better can we start to see some profitable purposes with a GPA under Three.7 or so.

With all that stated, these faculties do take students in these lower ranges. In case you are capturing for a “reach” faculty (one the place your numbers are both under median), concentrate on crafting a excellent software and personal statement, then give it a shot. In case you have the proper set of ‘soft factors,’ things like great work experience and different distinctions, the varsity may take you no matter barely weak numbers.

Scholarship Money at the Top 6 Law Faculties

First, a notice on scholarship cash generally: by and enormous, scholarship money is not given out from some sense of magnanimity. Scholarship money is used by regulation faculties to attract the scholars mandatory to take care of their rating within the USNWR.

Most of this money goes to attracting college students in the direction of the front fringe of who they assume they will get: the high-quality college students who would probably go to better-ranked faculties until they get some money.

Further, some scholarship money is awarded to common applicants — these with LSAT/GPA numbers between the varsity’s 25th and 75th percentile objective posts — to keep up acceptance rates.

Faculties have much less want to offer cash to college students who have LSAT and GPA numbers around (or under) their 25th percentiles since these college students will sometimes matriculate in enough numbers with out such enticement.

The normal knowledge is that if you want to get scholarship money, you need to hover around the 75th percentile numbers for the target faculty. Luckily you don’t essentially need both and 75th percentile LSAT and GPA as a result of they will combine and match students to get the numbers they need.

Thus, for T6 faculties, the LSAT rating good enough to offer you a robust shot at a scholarship supply is going to be in the 171-173 range, depending on the varsity. Receiving this LSAT rating places you in the 99th percentile of all those taking the LSAT, so it ought to be considerably obvious why faculties use cash to draw these students in… there simply aren’t many such college students to go around.

Students with numbers above the faculties’ medians also have a comparatively good shot at scholarships. Faculties supply these college students cash will get them to return and in addition assist prop up ‘yield,’ the ratio of scholar accepting gives to gives made. This will increase the varsity’s apparent selectivity, which helps them in the rankings.

Good LSAT Score for Penn, Virginia, Berkeley, and Michigan- The Center T14

75th Percentile LSAT Score 25th Percentile LSAT Score Penn 170 163 Virginia 170 163 Berkeley 168 164 Michigan 170 164

What is thought-about a good LSAT score for Penn, Virginia, Berkeley, and Michigan?

Berkeley was traditionally thought-about one thing of an outlier among the T14 for the larger emphasis they place on GPA. Whereas this appears to nonetheless be their apply, they’re very near their peer faculties, having a 25th percentile at 163 and a 75th at 170. So any excessive aspect 160s LSAT score may be ok for Berkeley.

Berkeley is further notable nevertheless because in the event you take a look at user-submitted software knowledge on LawSchoolNumbers, there are a truthful variety of applicants getting accepted with scores within the lower LSAT vary for the varsity without a stellar GPA to stability it out. If any faculty in the T14 can truthfully boast that they take a look at the entire applicant, not just their numbers, it might be Berkeley.

The other faculties in this group have a more conventional hard-line whereby the decrease the LSAT is, the upper the GPA necessary to stability it out. Maybe the large distinction between these faculties and people above them is that LSAT score sensible 170+ scores offer you a nice shot of admittance even with a relatively low (~3.5) GPA. 172 particularly appears just like the magic bullet. A 172 is a good (great even) LSAT score for the center T14, and it’ll in all probability draw some scholarship cash provides as properly.

Greater and maybe you start to run into what is referred to as ‘yield protection’: faculties will are likely to waitlist somewhat than settle for college students they feel are perhaps out of their league and will anticipate a additional show of interest on the applicant’s half earlier than admitting them. Observe that being waitlisted in a such a state of affairs might mean you’re in a superb place to get $$$ from the varsity in the event you do show heavy interest. Hovering in the 169+ range here must be enough to see some scholarship provides from the middle T14 faculties.

Good LSAT Score at Duke, Cornell, Northwestern, and Georgetown- The Remainder of the T14

The story right here is much the identical here as on the tier above, and it is clear that the bottom T14 faculties (Duke, Cornell, Northwestern, and Georgetown) are drawing from the identical part of the applicant pool as the middle T14 faculties:

75th Percentile LSAT Score 25th Percentile LSAT Score
Duke 170 166
Cornell 168 163
Northwestern 170 163
Georgetown 168 161

I might caution candidates not to make an excessive amount of of Northwestern’s barely lower 25th percentile. Northwestern is critical about their emphasis on work expertise, and somebody who already has demonstrated success in the business world can anticipate a increase which will make up for a lower LSAT score. That stated, such candidates often boast a high GPA too. Northwestern also is purportedly keen on ‘splitter’ applicants with a excessive LSAT score. It appears from taking a look at LawSchoolNumbers that a 172 tends to score an acceptance at Northwestern even with a GPA within the decrease 3.0-Three.5 range.

At these faculties, a 170 or better is again a magic bullet. After that, as LSAT rating goes down GPA has to go as much as stability it for the perfect probability of receiving a letter of acceptance. Sometimes by the point you hit the 25th percentile for LSAT score, an applicant then needs around 75th percentile GPA to see a good outcome. So taking Duke for instance, these admitted to Duke with an LSAT rating of 166 (the 25th percentile LSAT) sometimes had a Three.eight or better GPA.

Additionally, a larger proportion of the individuals in this decrease LSAT range are waitlisted compared to high LSAT/low GPA splitters, indicating that there are more candidates making use of with excessive GPA numbers. In other phrases, high GPA/low LSAT college students are much less scarce and subsequently slightly less in demand. At faculties in this tier, it is clearly somewhat higher to be making use of with the high-end LSAT rating (~171) and a slightly worse GPA than the opposite method around.

This has been a temporary tour of the LSAT rating recreation within the rarefied environment of T14 admissions. For a lengthier dialogue of the regulation faculty admissions, you could find it useful to consult a ebook on the topic, corresponding to the well known Ivey Guide to Law Faculty Admissions.

In case you have any questions, please depart them within the comments thread, and I’ll respond. I hope this helped your understanding of what a good LSAT score for the T14 is!

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