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How to Choose a Car Accident Lawyer for Judicial Proceedings

The first step of most automotive accident instances is to file claims with the insurance coverage corporations of liable parties to seek cost for your losses. Whereas some insurance coverage claims are profitable and automotive crash victims get the compensation they want, many claims don’t go as deliberate. There might be delays, lowball gives, and even denials of valid claims. Insurance coverage corporations can play hardball and can do every part attainable to limit the amount they pay out to claimants.

While an experienced automotive accident lawyer can typically help improve your possibilities at a favorable insurance settlement, some claims just don’t finish as they need to. An insurance coverage firm merely is probably not prepared (or in a position due to policy limits) to supply what an injured accident sufferer really deserves. In these situations, it’s often time to escalate the matter and file a private damage claim in civil courtroom.

A private damage lawsuit is a judicial continuing identical to any sort of contract claim, divorce, or another sort of lawsuit. Once you file a claim in courtroom, the game modifications considerably. There are strict guidelines and procedures that don’t apply to the insurance coverage process, and complying with all requirements is important for the success of your declare. In truth, failing to correctly handle a judicial proceeding can jeopardize your case and your rights altogether. Because of this, you need the RIGHT lawyer for your personal damage proceedings.

Choosing an lawyer for an insurance coverage declare is one thing, however heading to courtroom is sort of one other. You need a lawyer in your aspect who has expertise with lawsuits and who can characterize you from the initial judicial submitting to the resolution of your case.

To decide on one of the best lawyer for judicial proceedings, you must have an concept of how a automotive accident lawsuit works. The following is a temporary overview of this authorized course of.

Filing the Car Accident Lawsuit

Lawsuits in search of compensation for automotive accident accidents are civil lawsuits, also called personal damage or tort instances. Civil lawsuits usually comply with a comparable path toward a conclusion, as they all begin with the filing of a grievance with the native civil courtroom. For example, if your accident occurred in Houston, your grievance would get filed within the Harris County District Courtroom. Your lawyer should know the right courtroom the place you need to file your case, which is a vital element.

Many states restrict the time in which you’ll be able to file a lawsuit, and your lawyer ought to have the opportunity to inform you how long you might have in your state of affairs and make sure they file your declare earlier than the statute of limitations expires. For example, if your state requires you to file within two years of the date of the damage, as Texas does, then you could have two years from the date of the automotive accident or whenever you discovered your accidents for your lawyer to file the case.

Your grievance will need to embrace all of the allegations that you simply’re making, which often embrace that the defendant was negligent and ought to be liable for your injuries. It’s going to additionally state what aid you’re in search of, which in a automotive accident case, is monetary compensation for your losses. You want a lawyer who can put together a persuasive grievance, which might help your position from the beginning.

The opposite driver and their insurance firm, which is most certainly paying for their defense towards your claim, has a particular period of time to respond to your petition. The response might embrace an answer, during which the defendant admits or denies each of the allegations. It might also embrace counterclaims, which allege that you simply additionally contributed to the automotive accident and are responsible for your personal losses. It might embrace cross-claims, which can attempt to blame the crash on another defendant if there’s one. After the defendant information their response, your lawyer may have a set time period to respond once more.

Drafting and Submitting Preliminary Motions

There a variety of motions the defendant can file which will affect your case, including:

  • Motion to dismiss, which does not necessarily dispute the information of the case however might argue the go well with was brought in an premature manner or that no aid is warranted
  • Motion for removing, which can move your case from state courtroom to federal courtroom (the movement wants to present that the case both includes federal regulation or that the defendant is from a totally different state)
  • Movement for change of venue, which, if profitable, will transfer your case to a totally different courthouse
  • Movement for a change of decide, which can get your case moved to a new courtroom

With all but the motion to dismiss, the case will nonetheless continue even if the courtroom grants the movement. If different motions are granted, your lawyer might have to regulate their authorized technique accordingly.


In case you survive the movement to dismiss, the decide will then set a future date for a trial. Private damage instances are often scheduled around other forms of civil instances, so that you shouldn’t be stunned if your trial date is further sooner or later than you’d’ve imagined.

The decide may additionally determine to order you and the defendant into mediation. In mediation, you and your automotive accident lawyer will meet with the defendant and their attorneys for periods moderated by a impartial third-party mediator. The mediator guides your conversation and tries to bring about cooperation and agreement between you. When you reach a favorable agreement, you possibly can solidify it in a mediation settlement, which is a legally binding contract, and the litigation gained’t proceed from there.


If mediation is unsuccessful, your case will then transfer to the discovery part. Discovery is the period when legal professionals from both sides examine the details and acquire further proof. It might involve interviewing witnesses and analyzing documents, among many different things. Each side must share with the opposite all info gathered during discovery and should act in accordance with strict and sophisticated guidelines of civil procedure that govern discovery.

Your automotive accident lawyer may want to interview drivers, witnesses, and some other people who may need info necessary to the case. Typically, these interviews happen in a proceeding referred to as a deposition. Attorneys from each side must be current on the depositions and may ask questions. The individuals being deposed are beneath oath, simply as they might be on the witness stand in courtroom, and a courtroom reporter takes down their responses. Your lawyer can use deposition transcripts to construct your case and in courtroom.

In case your lawyer thinks the defendant has paperwork or info relating to the automotive crash that may help your case, they could ask for the defendant to produce the paperwork or info as a part of discovery.

Both depositions and documents produced throughout discovery are proof that your lawyer can use at your trial. They will also use any info or evidence they obtained to achieve a greater benefit during settlement negotiations.

Many attorneys for defendants will attempt to wear down a automotive accident victim throughout discovery. They could attempt to request copious amounts of data or might dump a mountain of paperwork on a plaintiff in response to a discovery request. You need a lawyer who can deal with these challenges and determine the knowledge that is essential and that may help your case with out getting slowed down.


For those who and your automotive accident lawyer assume that the evidence gathered during discovery supports your claims for compensation from the opposite driver, your lawyer might file a movement for summary judgment. Such a motion requests that the decide decides the result of the case without hearings or a trial. Your lawyer ought to help the movement with accompanying proof and relevant authorized theories. If the decide grants the movement, there will probably be no dispute over the information alleged within the case. A denial of the motion means the decide believes a trial is needed to resolve disputed information.

If your case continues ay this stage, your lawyer might be partaking in trial preparation, but they may also be negotiating with the opposite aspect. Trials are pricey in many ways—money, time, and power—and sometimes, events need to keep away from a trial. In case you have expert negotiator handling your claim, they could have the opportunity to reach an agreement with the defendant and the insurance firm that’s adequate to cover your losses. For those who get a settlement agreement, your case ends and also you don’t have to go to trial. The massive majority of automotive accident claims reach a resolution at this stage of the litigation process, and only a small proportion go to trial. A automotive accident settlement might be confidential, however a trial report and outcome shouldn’t be.

If Your Case Goes to Trial

Although not many automotive accident lawsuits reach the trial stage, there’s all the time a probability that your case will make it into the courtroom. You want to ensure that your lawyer has in depth courtroom experience in case this happens.

There are two sorts of trials—a bench trial in front of a decide or a jury trial. In a bench trial, the decide guidelines on all factual and authorized points in the case. A jury trial signifies that a jury of your friends will determine on the details of what occurred and the decide will apply the regulation to those information.

Trials are strictly regulated by the principles of proof and civil procedure. Your lawyer shouldn’t solely be acquainted with all the rules, however also needs to be confident when presenting your case in compliance with those guidelines. A robust trial lawyer ought to be fast, charismatic, and persuasive, and will current your case and your losses in a method that wins over the jury. The jury will probably be deciding not only who prevails in the case but in addition how a lot you need to receive as your private damage award.

Finding the Right Litigator for Your Case

You must think about the potential of litigation during your preliminary search for a lawyer. Ought to your case proceed to the courts, you want a lawyer who is aware of the small print of your claim and who has the power to get up and symbolize you throughout litigation, in settlement negotiations, and at trial when needed. The following are some qualities to look for when hiring your lawyer:

  • Expertise – Does the lawyer litigate many instances? Do they hesitate to file a lawsuit when it’s essential for a shopper’s pursuits?
  • Connections – Does the lawyer commonly work on this specific jurisdiction? Courts are all totally different, and it typically helps to know individuals within the courtroom and understand their preferences.
  • Status – When a lawyer has a status as a robust trial lawyer, the other celebration may be more prepared to agree to a favorable settlement before the trial stage. A fame can go a great distance through the lawsuit course of, as the other aspect’s legal professionals will know you imply enterprise.
  • Assets – Litigation could be pricey, even in the event you don’t go to trial. You want a lawyer who has the assets to cowl the costs of litigation for you, so that you don’t have to provide you with the funds to continue your case. You possibly can then reimburse your lawyer for the prices out of your settlement.

Contact Experienced Car Accident Litigators for Assistance

Look for a group of automotive accident attorneys with the expertise, connections, popularity, and assets to go to bat for you in judicial proceedings—someone who isn’t afraid to use trial expertise as leverage, so opposing legal professionals know they gained’t again down.